Ilmu Hutan

Soil Erosion Rates at the Various Land Use Types of Ngrancah Sub Watershed, Indonesia*)

The study area is covered by critical land and located at the upper area of Sermo dam. The area of the Ngrancah sub watershed is 2,128.9 hectares. In fulfilling the human’s requirement, there are some types of land use, includes: forest (0.72 %), mixed cropping (68.13 %), settlement (15.28 %), dry rice field (2.13 %), dry field (6.12 %) and dam area (7.63 %). The objective of this research is to study the erosion rate of each land use type.

Biodiversity, dendrology and phylogenetics


Indonesian tropical rain forest has been known as one of the center of mega diversities. However, in recent years its germplasm has been prone to extinction due to unwise forest exploitation and conversion to other land uses. The climate change resulting in prolonged drought and severe fire incidence has further increased the risk of extinction of many species of tropical rain forests. The Faculty of Forestry GMU has focused its research work on genetic diversity of species, and phylogenetic of the species of potential economic utilization.